Hot dog! You’re all invited to a wedding!

Hot dog! You’re all invited to a wedding!

I now pronouce you 'hot dog & hot dog!'

I now pronouce you ‘hot dog & hot dog!’

I’m a long distance grandma, so timing my phone calls to the grandkids isn’t always easy. I never know when they’re doing after school activities, homework, or having dinner. Last night was no different. I called when the twins were in the middle of homework. They passed the phone to each other and talked for a couple of minutes.

Then it was the 11-year-old’s turn. She was finishing up dinner. I asked her what she was eating and she told me about the ‘hashbrown’ rations in their home. I asked her what else they were having with the hashbrowns. She replied, “Scrambled eggs and a Weenie Man.”

“Huh?” I said. “What’s a Weenie Man?”

She immediately started singing a song about a hot dog who owns a hot dog stand and about a hot dog girl who wants to share her life with the weenie. Well, I laughed so hard, then quickly grabbed pen and paper and wrote down the words. We sang the song together till Grandma caught on to the lyrics and the catchy tune. Soon the twins were singing along, too.

The girls tried to explain over the phone how to make a ‘Weenie Man.’ I never quite understood all of the details, so since I was in a crafting sort of way I grabbed a couple of hot dogs out of the fridge and whipped up a couple of outfits out of Duck Tape. I know. I know. I’ve flipped, right?

So, now you’re all invited to a wedding–a ‘Weenie Man’ wedding!

Happiness to the bride & groom!

8 thoughts on “Hot dog! You’re all invited to a wedding!

  1. teresarobeson

    Too, too funny! I’ll have to watch the video when I get access to high speed internet in town. 🙂

    Hope you’re keeping well! I miss seeing you at the WANA board though I’m not there often myself. And I hope you’re getting lots of writing done!

    1. mariacisnerostoth Post author

      Hot dog, Teresa! Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog! Sorry I haven’t been on the WANA board for quite some time now. Got caught up with the holidays making crafting videos and silly ones like this weenie wedding (haha!), then Christmas arrived, and New Year’s, and goal making… oh, and finally (taking breath here) back to the business of writing. Geez, and Janurary has already flown by, and it’s only 11 months till Christmas. LOL!!!

      How about you? Have you been writing? What are you working on? 🙂

      Maria 🙂


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