Meet the friendliest, sweetest, most lovable and popular pig ever…. Stuart the Pig!

Every year, I look forward to the annual craft fair in Norco, California.

The craft fair starts the day after Thanksgiving and draws huge crowds. Today was no different. Hubby dropped me off at the entrance while I scurried off anxious to see all of the wonderful handcrafts displayed in an old chicken coop, a big barn, and the farm’s grounds.

Mmm. The arroma of freshly baked cookies wafted from the barn where there were more artisans selling their wares.

But as I walked past each table, nothing popped out at me. Nothing begged me to buy it and take it home. I felt a bit let down, then hubby found me in the crowd and we strolled the grounds featuring more crafters. There was everything from beaded jewelry to wooden toys to handsewn aprons. I desperately wanted something to say, “Buy me! Take me home!” Nothing.


…something caught my eye. Something large. Something with ears, a snout, and a tail that waggled like a happy dog. It was a pig! A big, beautiful, black potbellied pig. And his name was Stuart. I had never actually petted a pig before, let alone put my cheek next to one. But Stuart was friendly and loving all of the attention he was getting from me and other passersbys.

Stuart was a very popular pig!

I was beaming. Smiling. I whipped out my camera and started clicking.

Then his owner, Curt Mills, of Corona, California, explained how he had rescued Stuart three and a half years ago along with Stuart’s mother from an abusive breeder. Sadly, Stuart’s father didn’t make it.

I was captivated by Stuart’s story. Ping! My writer’s mind kicked in and I soaked up every word as he spoke of how he found a happy home for Stuart’s mother, and how Stuart likes to hop in the shower with him every morning for a scrub down with a bristly bath brush. And get this, Stuart is learning how to play the piano. Yes! Play the piano! I’m telling ya, this is one smart pig!

Stuart loves to give piggy kisses!

As a kid growing up on a farm in the Ozarks of Arkansas, Mr. Mills’ parents wouldn’t allow him to give their pigs names or become attached to them as pets. So, he never imagined himself ever owning a pig let alone two pigs. Yep. Stuart has a sister at home. Her name is Bella.

You see, thanks to Mr. Mills and his wife, Susie, Stuart really does have a wonderful life!

Before leaving, I wished Stuart a Merry Christmas, then hubby and I headed back to the big barn to buy our baked cookies. And all the way back to the truck, all I could do was talk about Stuart and what a terrific pig he was.

As for the craft fair. It was the first time in about 10 years that I didn’t buy anything. (Ornaments made by Susie Mills starring Stuart were sold out.) But I realized I was going home with something far more special. I had met one terrific potbellied pig that I’ll never forget!

Just look at the beautiful face!

Merry Christmas, Stuey!

7 thoughts on “Meet the friendliest, sweetest, most lovable and popular pig ever…. Stuart the Pig!

  1. August McLaughlin

    He hops in the shower every morning? And those photos! I’m in love. 🙂 So glad you had such a fun opportunity in meeting Stuart. Animals really touch us, and our writing, in special ways.

    1. mariacisnerostoth Post author

      Hi August, thanks for stopping by. I just noticed my YT video didn’t attach to this blog, so I reposted it and it’s there now. I’ll post the vid on my FB tomorrow. I love animals! I used to have a friend who was a cow. I wrote a story, ‘Moo-arachi,’ featuring her and the L.A. Times published it a few years back. Thinking about e-pubbing it with some illustrations. Stuart may become a character in a second book with the same main character. Meeting Stuey today was a nice surprise! 🙂

  2. sabrinasteyling1979

    Oh Stuart is SO CUTE!!!! I simply ADORE pigs, and I know I would have been down on the ground loving on Stuart the minute I saw him! I sure wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country. 😦

  3. Steve Attkisson



    Thanks for posting this. Pigs can be loveable.

  4. teresarobeson

    Stuart is darling! I’ve known for a long time that pigs were really smart, which is why I have such conflicted feelings about eating pork, but being Chinese, pork is an integral part of my food heritage. My own family doesn’t eat pork very often, and as with most other things we eat, we try to remember to give thanks. :} I think butchering our own chickens for the first time really brought it home to us that another living thing sacrificed itself to feed us, so we’ve been mindful ever since.

    Oops, sorry to get so serious here. :}

    Bummer you didn’t find anything you liked or wanted at the craft fair! I find that I’m often too overwhelmed at fairs to buy stuff. I like to collect biz cards though so we can think things over and buy later.

  5. Yvette Carol

    Hi, Maria. Good photos, you captured Stuart’s personality. He looks like such a character! 🙂

    I thought that was a funny coincidence too, that you just did exactly what I did when I went to my much-anticipated Xmas Craft Market. Every year I’ve bought terrific gifts there, and yet this year, nothing. I didn’t buy a thing. It’s very disappointing isn’t it, esp. when you’ve looked forward to it.


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