Sally Bell’s art is a sweet Halloween treat!

Meet former Disneyland artist, Sally Bell.

Here are the cool Halloween art prints hubby treated me to during our recent visit to the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch, in Redlands, California. The illustrations are creations by artist Sally Bell. I can hardly wait to shop for frames, so I can display them in my work space and enjoy Halloween all year long.


Headless Moon

Monster Treaters

City Witch

1313 Grimsley Lane

Late Arrivals

Headless Horseman’s Playground (Because of its size I split this one up into two pictures.)

Headless Horseman’s Playground

For more cool art by Sally Bell, you can drop by her Web site at

7 thoughts on “Sally Bell’s art is a sweet Halloween treat!

  1. teresarobeson

    What fun, fun and cool art! I wish I had a favorite holiday so I could surround myself with things that will help me live it year-round. 😉

    I forgot to mention last time that I love Sally’s hat and outfit!

  2. mariacisnerostoth Post author

    Hi Teresa! Happy Friday! I love Sally’s hat, too! And I can hardly wait to get some frames, so I can put them up. Have a great coupon for JoAnn’s next weekend, so I plan to use it for frames for Sally’s art.

    If you had a fave holiday, which one would it be? Maybe you could invent your own holiday. Hey, that would be fun! 🙂

    1. teresarobeson

      I think when I was growing up in Hong Kong, practically every holiday was my favorite one because they all involved a lot of good food (except maybe New Year’s…surprisingly…but it was also a favorite of mine because kids received money!).

      I’m not sure which of the North American holidays is my favorite. In some ways, Christmas is. I’m not Christian, but I do love all the decorations and my mom and MIL both were Christians, we always have a tree, which makes a dreary time of year much more festive. I also love giving presents and receiving them. 😉

      1. Maria Cisneros Toth

        Teresa~I love to hear about holidays from around the world! When our boys were growing up, our family hosted five students from Japan (at different times), and my boys loved learning all about how they celebrated holidays, food, etc. And we shared ours with them. We even had a Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of summer. And Halloween, too! I do remember them saying they got money for Christmas.

        Have you written any of these stories down?

      2. teresarobeson

        I haven’t written any of those stories down, unfortunately. I wish I had before my mom died. My mom had a memory like a steel trap and I relied on her a lot to fill me in on family and cultural things. My dad is a completely flake…lovable but you can’t get a straight story from him. I should write down what I do remember while I still remember. :}

      3. mariacisnerostoth Post author

        Teresa~your dad sounds sweet. I’m sorry about your mom’s passing. My mom died when I was 18, so I understand about losing & missing a parent. How I would love to ask her more questions about family history & stories. My dad had a sharp memory & loved to tell and retell his stories. He usually had people laughing. I feel lucky that he told stories till the very end, just a couple of weeks before he passed away. One day he said to me, “No more stories.” I still choke up with those words. About 5 years before he left us, I called him a lot to get the details of those stories, then put them into a collection of poems. I wrote 83 poems, one for each year of his life. I used Natalie Goldberg’s “I remember….” five minute free-write method. It really works! And it’s fun to capture slices of life in a short piece. You can turn these into poems and they also make great springboards for short stories and even novels. Natalie says it’s just as important for us to write down what we “don’t remember” as much as the stuff we do remember. Later, when you go back in, you can add fiction to these areas. If you try it, let me know how it works out. 🙂

      4. mariacisnerostoth Post author

        Teresa~forgot to mention that Natalie Goldberg is the author of “Writing Down the Bones.” The book was recommended to me about 12 years ago. Book is paperback for about $5, and I highly recommend the audio version as well. I listened to Natalie’s words while I did the dishes, at my bedside morning & night, and in the car. Then I went out and taught her writing method to kids at local schools. Had the teachers do the five minute writing exercise, too. I still remember one teacher saying, “Hey, this really works!” It does. 🙂

        I would love to see you write down your memories, stories, holidays. 🙂

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