Pumpkin Picking Time

Yippee! Halloween means pumpkin picking! Aside from dressing up in cool costumes and trick-or-treating, there’s nothing more fun than picking the perfect pumpkin and turning it into your very own glowing jack o’lantern.

Recently, on an early Sunday morning hubby and I ventured out to the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch nestled against hills covered in a blanket of dry Califonia brush. The farm is one of my ultra favorite places to hang out during the month of October.

I love the varieties of pumpkins and gourds grown at the farm in Redlands.

And I especially look forward to visiting the gift shop featuring unique seasonal items.

On weekends, the farm bustles with families roaming the fields of low-lying, tangled vines, searching the grounds for just the right pumpkin.

And to add to the fun, fall festivities, there’s a corn maze, life-size real monsters, hayrides, bounce houses, and a petting zoo for little ones, and so much more!

Joey and I had a great morning at the pumpkin patch!

Happy pumpkin picking everyone!

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Picking Time

  1. Yvette Carol

    Wow, the farm looks amazing, Maria. I love all those weird and wonderful gourds too. But which pumpkin did you pick?
    You’ll be pleased to know I’ve sorted out something fun for the boys & I to do on Halloween. We’re dressing up and going trick or treating! Yes, there are a few new kids in the street and so we’ll all go. Then we go to no. 2 for fun & games afterwards. Will send pics!! 🙂
    Halloween or “All Hallows Eve” as my dear gran used to call it, is soooo close 🙂

  2. mariacisnerostoth Post author

    Hi Yvette! Oh, I can hardly wait to see you and the boys in your costumes! I bet they’re so excited about going trick-or-treating with the new kids in the neighborhood. Funny, Joey and I get just as excited to hand out the treats! You should see us waiting for those first kids to ring our doorbell. We get such a kick out of everyone’s costumes! Some people even bring their dogs dressed up, too.

    Just wrote four more Halloween blogs today, so keep a watch out for ’em. LOL! 🙂

  3. teresarobeson

    You are such a big kid, Maria, and I mean that in the nicest of ways! 🙂 I love how excited you are about Halloween; my kids used to love it as much as you do when they were young. But now, we’re lucky if we remember to put up any decorations. :}

    1. mariacisnerostoth Post author

      LOL! Yep. My dad was a big kidster when it came to the holidays. For Halloween, I remember him making a dummy and sticking it under the hood of his pick-up truck, then sitting by the opened dining room window w/his walkie-talkie in hand, waiting for trick-or-treaters to start up our driveway, then all of a sudden he’d say something into his walkie like “Help me!” or “Get me outta here!” And he’d laugh when kids went flying. LOL!

      My pop passed away a few years ago, but I remember how he’d get such a kick out of my phone calls on Halloween night to update him on the spooky shenanigans. 🙂


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