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Welcome Foolish Mortals to the Halloween Haunted Mansion

T’was the nightmare before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was peaceful not even a mouse. The stockings all hung by the chimney with care when opened that morning would cause such a scare. The children nestled and snug in their beds would have nightmares of monsters and skeleton heads! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha….

My hubby and I are big kids at heart. We love Disneyland especially at Halloween when the park is decked out with pumpkins of all sizes and friendly ghosts on Main Street U.S.A. But most of all my heart pitter-patters as soon as we approach the Haunted Mansion which has now been deliciously transformed into Jack Skellington’s house through the holidays.

Welcome foolish mortals…

This year was extra special because we got to meet the Pumpkin King, Jack, himself. Talking to Jack was the BEST treat ever for this Nightmare Before Christmas fan. I totally felt like a kid meeting Santa Claus!

My hubby Joey, Maria (me), and Jack Skellington.

Hope you enjoy our pictures. And just for dropping by for a pumpkin spell, you’ll find a fun virtual ‘treat’ waiting for you at the end of this blog post.

What’s that on the rooftop? Sandy Claws’ sleigh!

Hmm… some of those Jack o’lantern’s look strangely familiar.

Oh my gosh, we’re getting closer! There’s still time to turn back.

C’mon. it’s not that scary!

Something’s up with Jack!

Board your doombuggies everybody!

Do not open till Christmas. No fair peeking or you’ll turn into a toad!

Um…sir, could you please tell me where the ladies’ room is?

Uh, nice family portraits! No, really. They’re nice.

On the 13th day of Christmas my ghoul love gave to me…

Ooooh, presents for me!

I want an annual park pass. I’ve been good. Um, well, sort of.

Oooh, pretty! Halloween angels!

Halloween angels coming to turn you all into Jack o’lanterns! Augh!!!

Oops! Too late. Hey, Joey…isn’t that Lynn and George Kelley over there? And there’s Yvette Carol, and Carol J. Amato, and Kathy Sant! Wow, the whole gang is here !

Now, I promised you all a treat…. all you need is 10 minutes of your time for a fun, virtual ride through Jack Skellington’s Haunted Mansion. Just click and enjoy!


Have fun ride & hurry back! And be sure to bring your Sandy Claws hat!

Happy halloween & haunted holidays everyone!